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"Dear Sir! This is Genesis Sunfire, the man you speak/lie about in your article, tell me, what is your reason for making up stories about me and using my name without permission to mislead your readers, you do this without knowing anything about me or my own experience and what is your own experience on this fascinating subject of Breatharianism? Have you spent decades mastering Fruitarianism and Liquidarianism? Is this how you can be an expert on Breatharianism? Im just curious.....

Judgeing by your lies and your gross lack of knowledge in this field I really wouldnt expect your expierence to be a pleasant or productive one as you seem to spew out the same ill informed, opinionated junk that that seems to be based on hearsay and negativity. Infact you dont even use my correct name, thats how much you know about me and my work!

I dont really care what you say or think about Breatharianism but if you are going to use my name then I would want you to back up what you say wih facts. I would like to invite you to my workshop on sunday 29th of July in Terni, starting at 12pm prompt! "

Here what Vaccaro sayes: ... osita.html

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