Leaders of the Physiological Revolution

The Breathairean Ensemble is a collection of musicians who are committed to achieving physiological liberation. It is an all-vegetarian ensemble whose purpose is to act as a healing support for its members while expressing sounds and vibrations of discipline, beauty, love, and cleanliness. The band explores the production of non-stimulant music while its members strive for breathaireanism.

The Music

Music represents vibrations of immortality. The musicians of the Breathairean Ensemble strive to live the music. The music is the lifestyle and the lifestyle the music. In a time when creative music is reduced to the recapitulation of certain styles and idioms, the Breathairean Ensemble has developed a unique sound and spirit that is rarely seen today. The ensemble strives to keep the music and spirit of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Sun Ra alive by picking up where they left off. The ensemble is deeply rooted in the blues and is dedicated to protecting the groove .

Fiaccola della conoscenza di Ehret

The Healing System

Physiological Liberation starts and ends with Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System. The book explains how all foods that are not fruits or green-leafy vegetables create filthiness, while offering a transitional system to liberate the body of this filth. The book contains the only cure for disease. It has cured and saved the lives of thousands of people who have been diagnosed as incurable by the so-called 'medical authorities'. One of the bands missions is to lovingly spread the knowledge of this diet and be an inspiration to all who desire physiological freedom.

The Breathairean Ensemble

The Band

Professor Spira

Trombone, Keyboard, Percussion, Toys

Professor Spira, age 23, grew up in Springdale, OH and began playing the trombone at the age of 11. He attended Princeton High School where he achieved many honors including the Louis Armstrong Award and the rank of Eagle Scout (BSA). Spira received a bachelor's degree, cum laude, in jazz trombone performance from the College-Conservatory of Music in June of 2005, and will complete a masters degree in jazz studies in 2007. He founded Spira's School of Music in 2005 and is known for his fresh and exciting approach to teaching music.

Spira has performed in many musical situations including the Cincinnati Youth Symphony Orchestra, Ohio Ambassadors of Music (European tour,2000), the CCM Jazz Ensemble, Lomax R&B band, Reggie Callaway, the Afro-Rican Ensemble, and on the streets of Cincinnati and Chicago. He has also been privileged to perform and study with many jazz greats, such as Curtis Fuller, Slide Hampton, Jiggs Whigham, Mulgrew Miller, Joshua Redman, Dave Liebman, Ahmad Jamal, Delfayo Marsalis, Conrad Herwig, and Kenny Garret. Some of Spira's major musical influences include Kid Ory, Slide Hampton, Fred Wesley, Miles Davis, Roscoe Mitchell, Sun Ra, and Thelonious Monk. Spira listens to all the music he can and believes that musical vibrations represent immortality.

Professor Spira has practiced the Mucusless Diet Healing System since the fall of 2002, and says that he could not have achieved his current level of peace, vitality and freedom without it. This former 280 pound football player currently weighs 160 pounds and completed a six month juice fast in July of 2005. He cites the Mucusless Diet Healing System as his inspiration for making music, and hopes that his music and mucusless lifestyle will inspire others to investigate the diet.

"The only way someone can prove to me that I am not immortal is to do what I do and die." -Professor Spira

Doctor Who?

Saxophones, Keyboard, Toys

Doctor Who, age 24, grew up in Woodlawn, OH and began to play the saxophone at the age of 11. He attended Princeton High School where he earned the Louis Armstrong Award. He has studied at Miami University Oxford, and is currently a year away from earning his Bachelors Degree in jazz studies from the College-Conservatory of Music. Some of his major musical influences are John Coltrane, Kenny Garrett, and Rasan Roland Kirk. Doctor Who became a vegetarian in high school and has practiced the Mucusless Diet for the past three years. He says that he is committed to refining himself musically and spiritually through the practice of the diet.

Baby Babaji


Baby Babaji is only 10 years old and is already a phenomenal musician. He has been into the music his whole life and spends most of his time around musicians and artists. He practices everyday and often plays with his father, Brother Air, on the streets of Cincinnati. At the age of four he became a community activist and began taking part in protest picket-lines. Baby Babaji has practiced the Mucusless Diet Healing System since his birth and frequently performs dry fasts.

Just don't book gigs during his Saturday morning cartoons.

Brother Air

Traps, Hand-drum rig

Brother Air describes himself as "an Earthling who has never not played the drums." During his career, Air has traveled the globe sharing countless musical experiences with the Universe and its many musicians. Frustrated with filthy bars and uncreative musicians, Air became a street musician where he developed his Legendary Hand-drum Rig and famous V=P-O rhythm. Some of Air's main drumming influences are Elvin Jones, Jack Dejohnette, and Tony Williams.

During his teens, Air became inspired by civil rights activist and vegetarian Dick Gregory and developed a serious attitude about health and diet. In the early 80's, he became an Ehretist and committed his life to practicing the Mucusless diet Healing System. Last year, Air completed an 8 1/2 month fast abstaining from solid foods while taking in only fruit juices. Before the conclusion of the fast, Air completed a solo percussion album entitled Brother Air.

Air also sets an example through his family life which revolves around the Mucusless Diet Healing System. His wife and two children all practice the diet and frequently hold family fasts. Air's family is also very active in the community and can be seen protesting at big events. Air's ultimate goal is to open a sanitarium to teach fasting, mucusless diet, and the importance of the lemon enema/colonic.

Contact Information

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Loving Star


Loving Star, age 27, grew up in St. Louis, MO but now calls Atlanta, GA her home. She started playing the violin at the age of 9 and completed her undergraduate degree in violin performance at Georgia State University. She will complete her masters degree in violin performance from the College-Conservatory of Music in June 2005 and will return to work toward a Doctorate of musical arts in the fall. Loving Star has performed in master classes for leading classical violinists such as Nadia Salerno-Sonnenberg (2000) and Xue Wei (2001). She can be found performing in numerous musical situations including; classical recitals, orchestral performances, musical theater productions, and jazz venues. She also does studio work for hip-hop and neo-soul artists.

Loving Star's musical tastes are extremely eclectic and range from European Classical music to musics of non-western cultures including African, Indian, and Hispanic. She is influenced by many jazz greats such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Star believes that the Breathairean Ensemble is the embodiment of all her musical interests and influences.

Loving Star has been interested in health and diet for many years and has been practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System for the past two years.

"Uncle" Eddie Brookshire


"Uncle" Eddie Brookshire grew up in Carthage, MS and began playing the bass at the age of 21. He received a bachelor degree in jazz studies at Central University in Ohio and a masters in world music from Northern IL. Eddie is currently a music professor at the University of Dayton. Eddie has traveled all around the world playing with many prominent artists such as J. McShan, Elvin Jones, Snooky Young, Johnny Lytle, James Newton, Sondra Reeves-Phillips, Nathan Davis, Woody Shaw, Lowell Folson, Piney Brown, Rusty Bryant and the Coasters.

Eddie's bass influences include Charles Mingus, Jimmy Garrison, Ray Brown and Cecil McBee.

Eddie has been a vegetarian for over 10 years and believes that music is his spiritual calling.

Continuing the Legacy

The Breathairean Ensemble recognizes the immortal legacy of music, and feels privileged to stand on the shoulders of the great musicians. Previous generations of artists have contributed to the evolution of the music. The Breathairean Ensemble strives to follow in the footsteps of John Coltrane, who is the exemplar of living the music. We know that the body is the one and only instrument and the cleaner it is the more freely the music will flow through it.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

The Physiological Revolution is at hand. It is time to stop eating death and start eating life. The vanguard revolutionaries are those who can control what they put into their bodies. Death has mistakenly become natural, so if everyone is eating and dying then why don't we stop eating?

"No Beginning, No Ending"