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da Spira
For the past 4 years the Immortality Pipeline has been the most controversial and progressive talkshow on the radio/web about health and diet. Join Prof. Spira, Brother Air, Daktehu, and Baby Babaji as they talk about Arnold Ehret and their experiences practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System.

When: Every Wednesday from 4pm-5pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Check out the live stream at:
or 88.3 FM WAIF Cincinnati

Hosted By: Prof. Spira, Daktehu, Brother Air, and Baby Babaji
Feel free to call in at 513-749-1444

04:00:00 p.m. Wednesday June 17, 2009 in EST converts to
10:00:00 p.m. Wednesday June 17, 2009 in GMT+1
Daylight Saving Time is not in effect.

You can't go green while you suckin' on a chicken wing! - Prof. Spira
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da danielsaam
Wow, this is a wonderful news! I can't wait to listen this show!

Thanks Spira! :wink:
da jules
Hi Spira - interesting show. we lost you after 45 minutes. what happened?

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da Spira
I would like to thank you all for checking out the show! We will be back again this Wednesday. I am sorry to hear that the internet feed became messed up for some of you. Sometimes there is a glitch in the transmission, but I hope that the problems will be permanently fixed soon.
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da Spira
Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

The Immortality Pipeline has been off the air for the past couple of years. However, I did copy almost every episode of the show and will be making them available in some format soon. Until then, you might enjoy some clips of our show that I posted to my Youtube channel:

Talking about the Mucusless Community and Fasting

What it takes to Practice a Mucusless Lifestyle on Immortality Pipeline 8-27-06

Practicing the Mucusless Diet during Pregnancy 2/13/08

Peace, Love, and Breath!

-Prof. Spira

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