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da ursamajor
In these days of August 2010 about 3 years are spent since my encounter with the Mucusless Diet Healing System of the Professor Arnold Ehret. Durind these years I have applied more or less diligently the transition diet toward the building of a body less engrossed with mucus, waste and toxin deposits. The energy that I have got in return is much more than I will be waiting.
The last year I adopted only fruit diet during the lunch (no more breakfast or sometimes a glass of some juice), and raw vegetable and little cooked vegetable during the evening. I strive to eliminate completely cooked vegetables and beans.
I noticed that when elimination accelerate thanks to a good physical exercise (mainly cycling or sometimes swimming) and more fruit in the diet, I crave for 'wrong food' (as Ehret says at pag.116) once my favorite like cheese, black bread, potatoes, biscuits and chocolate. Too often in the last months during my dinner, after my tomatoes salad I give up my will and eat these much desired mucus leading food. The day after I feel bad physically and mentally. You know better than me that this path is not easy, but a very good battleground for developing our will... so, keep on, is the rule, never give up!
A very good habit I have established since 1 and a half year are the daily aenemas (thanks to a suggestion of the "Cincinnati Guys"). These morning aenemas help me to quickly free the last part of my intestine, feeling great sensation of freedom and lightness at the highest levels that last all day long. Such cleaning often leads me to implement an all day fast without much effort.
I keep on trying to resist every day the battle of goods against the bad habits...but at the end I think time is come to eat only fruit.
This 3 year August anniversary has to be a good month to start the last challenge.
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da XY1480
hi, "collegues"
I'm a student of science.
I'm trying to develop a perfect human body, as ehret defines, since 1 year, but i'm finding an amount of difficulties which really put me down...
1) antisocial diet: even though i spoke a lot about this diet with scientifical and not scientifical arguments i've found no one( and i mean no one) that would at least understand me without treating me as a fool. mainstream is really strong.
2) science: even though I do really agree with ehret arguments about his diet there are many points that i would like to discuss with experts. I'm not a mainstream scientist at all but still i believe ehret diet could not be the perfect one. be ready to face paleontolical-mathematical arguments ;)
3) city: for those who live in the city it's hard expensive to find good food and good air. In this conditions it's impossible to avoid the strive for the bad food.

i thank you in advance for the answers and advice you would give me.
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da carmillina
Hi XY1480, and welcome; what do you mean by saying that you are a student of science? I mean, science is a very huge field of knowledge: medicine, phisics and so on...
Ironically, i see that people behave the same way al over the world, mainstream is strong indeed, and don't worry about the misunderstanding you are facing..we all have gone through all this stuff, such as being considered too thin, or unhealthy, or a bad son/daughter ; personally I think that there's no point in questioning with people that define themselves "experts", because actually they are not; but most of all, I think that you shold learn, in time, to live without other's acceptance; furthermore, you just have to keep experimenting Ehret's way of life on yourself to understand whether it is right for you or not; no one else on earth, but you knows what's best for you. In my experience those who, at first, complained about my new eating habits, after a while, stopped bothering and we still are friends/ relatives, they still love me because I am myself and not because of what I eat. I don't need to get anyone to think like me just because otherwise I wouldn't feel I'm right.

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