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Genesis Sunfire Weekend Retreat - Friday 15th to Sunday 17th Parsonage Side Retreat - Bridgwater – South Wales U.K. “Moving Out Of Sedation To Living On Soul Vibration Retreat

During the middle of July 2011 I attended this much waiting long weekend retreat with Jericho Sunfire, now called Genesis, in the south-west Bristol countryside, 2 miles by the Bristol Channel Sea, in the Somerset country, near Bridgwater.
Friday 15th : I arrived in this nice and quiet B&B with a taxi from the Bridgwater railway station in the late afternoon. Genesis and other ten guys were sitting around in the dining room of the Retreat listening to Genesis talking about the many topics he will be covered in the retreat program. We were 12 guys, four women and eight man, from many part of Europe: Olga from St.Petersburg Russia, Marco from Holland, two guys from Poland, Tina Marina from France and other from around England. I represented Italy. The atmosphere was like of a magical meeting of old acquaintances who have found themselves to learn from an expert guide the art of right living.

Late in the evening, under a light rain, we went outside in the garden with Genesis explaining us the 5 minutes exercises program for body daily fitness. Then we performed these three exercises sequence at the best of our ability, in pairs, so one of us urged the other to do the best during the workout. Very tiring but exciting. We prove to ourselves we can do whatever we decide to do, we proved to have the power over oneself. We have to be “warriors”!
Then in the night we had a sort of “fire rite”, sort of “iniziation” to a new life! We wrote on a piece of paper what we expect to obtain from that workshop, the thing everyone of us whish to obtain at the end of this retreat. We focus intensely to this quality to develop and deliver only to the fire. Only we are responsible for ourselves.
An important part of this retreat was to learn how to cleanse our bodies from the toxins and old debris of food in the intestines. So way back to the kitchen Genesis in told us how to prepare the salty water flushes, an intestinal washing we should have done the next morning. Two liters of water with a tablespoon of Himalayan salt, to drink early the next morning! The best cleansing program, and the cheaper one.
Saturday 16th : Wake up at 4.50 am, meeting point at 5.00 o'clock in the kitchen to drink this terrible salty water mixture...followed by some physical exercises, in the cold and humid English morning, to stimulate the intestinal movement and the passage of water inside (stretching and torsion exercises). Then we token a couple of hour to relax, massage ourselves and go to the toilet. Genesis said the first time the emotion play a major role, in this practice, for true effectiveness this procedure has to be practiced for one week long.
Then, at about 10.00 yoga classes in the garden under a light rain. Andy Sharp, a very interesting person, has taken this beautiful class of yoga exercises to develop balance and feeling of oneness with mother Earth beneath and the Universe above.

At the end we guys take a fruitarian breakfast with the fresh apples of the beautiful Retreat garden's tree and other fruit we token the day before at the local shop. A centrifuge in the kitchen allowed us to drink plenty of fruit juices and vegetables.
Around noon Genesis started to talk about fruitarianism and liquidarianism, the story of his life. When he started to be a fruitarian, this word has not truly understood, nobody knows exactly these concepts. For the majority of people eating only fruit was impossible. When he started to eat only fruit, he felt wonderfully well, but after a week they began the severe symptoms of the detoxification process. The detox is a slow process and cannot happen all at once, otherwise you would die suddenly. In general when the body reach a limit, start the detox evacuation (symptoms of fever, colds, flu, catarrh..) from all channels. If you not start to cleanse all of these toxic substances going around and around your body, they affect all the person his behavior becomes unsociable, alterable, irritable, nervous.. The body wants to get out what you put in!
Genesis followed his intuition and he began to try many cleaning methods like laxatives, tea, tablets for months cleaning programs. Then he found the complete intestine cleansing with salty water, an ancient oriental technique. Wow! He said that what he came out was amazing... this stuff was in me, he said! So he did it again and again to cleanse ever more his body. All the negativity went down. He understood that his mission was to clean the body from all the accumulated toxins and old food debris.
Genesis did not receive any help from the so called “gurus” of raw nutrition on the web community, usually they do not talk about this detox process, they usually said that what you get in, it get out naturally...false!...they said this only because otherwise they will lose all their followers, furthermore these people do not purchase more of their books or DVDs…People in general do not cleanse and do not exercise, they stay sedentary. These gurus said to eat raw food, raw fruit to feel great; in fact when you stop putting poison (cooked food) inside your body you will feel great, but only because you stop putting man made food and/or cooked food inside, not because of the fruit power..
When you try few weeks of fruit only, thus giving up the cooked food then starts the detox process. So cooked food is like a drug, otherwise you would not explain this dependence and these detox symptoms. In the early days of leaving cooked food there will be a first period during which you will feel great. This will happen only if you decide to stop putting poison in your body.
During detox will be periods in which you will go like a yo-yo, back and forth but you are still making solid progress. It is part of the process. As said in his book Genesis “…reflected that fruit wasn't really the big healer it was made out to be and didn't really matter what you ate as long as you get off cooked food; getting off cooked food allowed your body to heal itself, fruit was just a “bridge” used to get off cooked foods and closer to our original state, fruit was simply the replacement to fill the gut which so many people still felt like they still needed to do.” Genesis learned that it is all one long intense process that starts from the day you give up cooked food.
The density of food play an important role at the beginning. The heavier food like bananas, avocados and nuts (various seeds) reminds the heavy feeling of cooked food, so who starts in the beginning choose these kind of fruits. But in the long period these kinds of fruits has to be replaced with lighter ones, because they tend to clog the gut.
Fruitarian – Liquidarian – Breatharian: if you skip the steps you cannot afford these challenges. “It is all one long journey that takes years of dedication and discipline..” every steps cannot be separated from the rest of the journey. As Winston Churchill said “If you are going to health, keep going”. If you continue to cleansing you will be able to wake up gradually your intuition, things become more easy. Cleansing is like meditation, it is a tool. Usually people skip the steps, but doing so they do not have the equipment to afford the challenge. You have to clear the way step by step. The lighter you become, the heavier become the detox process. For Genesis it is all a question of density. Through right cleaning your body will guide you and not you guide your body.
It is a huge task, non mean to stop: some people said that cooked food is for control of the population and control of the mind. Whenever emotional state you have, when you eat raw fruit it will magnified, increasing. Things become worst before become well. To deal with detox one has to be a warrior, you cannot escape; you have to deal with it. Nobody wants to do this work!
Genesis suggest about 5 years on raw food (fruitarian) mastering all things that comes to you (social and personal issues..); 5 years liquidarian, during that period you can get in yo-yo situation, like come back to eat solid food, but do not worry about it, is a part of the process, as long as you come back in the right direction! Then 5 years breatharian, mastering all things that comes to you. The body will tell you when is the right moment…following your intuition.
When Genesis became liquidarian he changes completely his vision of the world. He said that the transition periods are merging periods in which you could be at different time at different stage of the layers, you may have not completely done the jump, so you go back then jump again…Learning your trade, the divine timing says when you have finished a process. Trust me said Genesis, your intuition will grow. You have to let go and not structuring everything whit your mind.
All these notions represent a NEW UNDERSTANDING, so far from the common sense. What is the REAL SELF...mmmh, let say that the real self is the person that the government do not want you to be! Real self is self sustainable, he don't need anything.
At 16:30 we all went in the garden for the workout, 5 minutes exercises, better than yesterday, (75 pul ups, 120 torso rotations, 35 legs exercises..) then group exercises until 17.30. Then 15 minutes break time with a light snack of fruits (apples from the tree and bananas) and veggies juices (centrifuged of apples, cucumber, fenner and ginger) very good and refreshing. We made some photos of our group taking advantage of some sun between the clouds. Finally a nearly summer day in the Somerset!
Liquidarianism: when Genesis was fruitarian, he was totally in his comfort zone, at that time he though the fruit was the only food for man. Then he started to take juice, juice and more juice. He was so easy for him at that time. Liquidarianism raises the consciousness, so he started to see things in a different way. If you are happy with fruitarian and you push, you go to liquidarian. If you not push and make a conscious choice, you remain in the “comfort zone” and you do not realize the divinity of man. (An example of this is Dr. Graham with his 80/10/10 diet). You have to change your mind; remember the mind is always one step ahead of you. You must be a warrior! More days you resist, more easy will be to resist.
We as society have loose sight of all our divinity, completely. From the liquidarian state you can see all this stuff clearly. Consciousness has to change in the society. We lived from generation in this sheet; some big thing has been to happen to change this situation. This system is made up to ridicule person like Genesis. If you go in any supermarket (like ASDA in Bridgwater) you will see people detached from food, unconscious of what they are doing to their divine body. So as practical exercise at 19.00 o'clock we went for a ride right to ASDA, the biggest market in Bridgwater and tried to see the food stuff with different eyes, different consciousness. Some incredible kind of “man made food”, like chips with burger or pizza flavor, many kind of different water with dozens of different Italy I have never seen things like that! The people naturally took and threw in they carts all types of packaged foods by only a quick look at the picture on the package and not making too many questions...everyone seemed mesmerized. Very few fresh food in each cart!

Coming back to the Retreat we had a very intense workout: 10 minutes of so called 'burpees', one of the toughest exercises, with no break; Genesis giving us continuously the urge to endure, and the end we succeeded! A big victory for me and for us all. Then stretching with yoga posture and deep breathing with Andy.
In the night at about 10 a closing the day briefing in which Genesis affirmed that when we come back home we will not be the same! You will be reprogrammed, the energy flow will continue from here. Then in the night, Mario, the guy from Holland, offer us a sort of spiritual cleansing. I tried this healing practice; I relaxed for few minutes while Mario practiced his techniques with his hands. At the end he said it was all ok, I was “clean”, I only have to relax before going to bed. I practiced my evening meditation so relaxation is assured.
Sunday 17th: At 5 o'clock gathering in the kitchen for the second salted water flush. It was more easy the second time, and something start to move after that. But I have to work even better on “emotional relaxation” on let go, to better open all the channels...
If you have a little of stress or doubt the stomach closes, and the washing may be not so efficient. This was my case for sure! Enemas are good but work only in the lower part of the intestines, the upper side is probably blocked. Another thing Genesis suggested in the path of fruitarianism is to stay consistent as possible, not jump all the time (yo-yo) if it is possible, do the same thing all the time; if you are on fruit stay on fruit, do not jump. During the practice, stay relaxed and consistent. The stress and emotion affect greatly this process of elimination. He suggest to prepare a relaxing place, secret, with a relaxing atmosphere; in time you will be expert and in ten minute you drink the 2 lt. of salty water; and try to eat very little or no more of avocados, bananas and dried fruits, but prefer the fresh juicy fruits. Indeed I have a lot of consistent work to do…
Remember that the body is not “designed to digest food”. Regard the elimination the body do not throw away all bad things all in one time, you only scratch the surface, you have to complete the one week long flushing program, then stop for a month and repeat it other times until you start to clean completely. With these cleanings we start a process of rejuvenation of our bodies. We work with layer of cleanliness. Genesis says he trays with 8 liters in 2 hours then 13 liters in 4 hours reached high levels of stamina. Although Genesis was a ten years fruitarian many very bad black mucus went out of his body with his great surprise and disgusting. He continued until an high level of cleaning was reached. When he were in Mexico, he done the flushes directly with liters of sea water until clean water went out of his body!
Go on consistently, in this way you will build your character, your endurance, your stamina. No pain and no fear where you will go… unless you will bring the cooked food again. Cooked food is packed fear and pain. At the end of the cleaning process we will reborn, we will be as fresh as babies. Stick to your way religiously. In these two days you build a foundation. Don’t be emotional, be happy, unless you intuitively feel you are in danger, stop it; otherwise go on. If you know you have to do it, but you do not want to do it: do it!
At the end the fruit is pollution too for the body. Everything is going inside the body is pollution. The body is SELF SUSTAINED. There is a divine part of you, and if you experience it, is amazing! The scientist actually knows that with food the body is ‘shot down’. Where is this information? It is kept secret.
Try one kind of fruit at a time for a week, the so called mono diet; no more banana, avocado, dates or raisins because the dried fruit dehydrates the body. Keep it light. We need to open up the ‘channel’ so that the UNIVERSE can manifest in us. We have to create our 'believe system' to help us to go on.
At about 10.30 we started together a very intense outdoor activity. Very heavy workout, the last day had to be memorable! Genesis, the coach, engage us in a series of shots and ran with changes of direction, speed contests, races lifting weights with sprinting creating teams always compete with one another, each activity calibrated according to the ability of any person. Final high gear around the field until complete exhaustion ... briefings with him at the end...very touching. For me it was an honour to participate in all this. Now, after some weeks, I feel I really create a foundation for a true character that will remain with me forever, a truly “Warrior work” as the ‘Coach’ says.

After a light fruit based break (fresh apple and pineapple juice) we continued to listen to the speeches of Genesis in the living room about the liquidarianism.
Liquidarianism is an advanced fruitarianism. It is a natural evolution. You will drink only juice, fresh fruit juice in particular. Genesis was in his “comfort zone” with this type of eating. In this new situation you will undergone a new form of detox; detox is a mental-spiritual-emotional stuff. The fruitarian path itself is easy, all the difficult is in the detox, in the social issue (the people that says “why you are so skinny?” and so on…). All this stuff disciplines you in the hard way; so there are many ‘initiations’. Genesis, after some time spend in the liquidarian phase, started to say “I want not any juice” then another day “I want not any juice” and so on, the transition was began. It is never an abrupt transition, is ever a sort of merge, of slow evolution. There is a period of merging, the “yo-yo” stadium. Then he evolved toward breatharianism. The last thing to be left was the water. This time he was afraid of death, he says he was like meeting the source itself, like in the final level of a videogame. A meeting with the “Big Boss”. Unbelievable scary! All social conditioning put in the face like “you will die without water”, all new level of attack that everyone want to escape from. You become an instant liar.
Genesis, following his intuition, went to Mexico. There was his rebirth. He understands how the life on this planet is. In Mexico the energy was quite intense; he goes fast with his evolution. He had to pass the emotion and the fear very quickly. There it was very hot and great was the fear of living without water. Every cell says nooooo. Absolute terror! Learning to let go is the key. Once you get over your fear, you feel a total liberation; you find a blank book to discover day by day.
Every interpretation or definition of breatharianism written by a sceptic is the definition of starvation and the people who do it have to stay in the hospital! Every single thing they say to you is a lie. You are prisoner in an open jail. Generally speaking the term Breatharian is incorrect; we have sun, heart water in air, saliva, every resource of the body. You do not longer can ignore the signals of your body.
The body gets constantly out what ever stuff you put inside. At the end it is all pollution! Hunger does not exist, it is the stomach get smaller but the society tries instead to convince of the reality of this. In the breatharian state your saliva is enough. Drink water is totally inefficient; when there is to much hot find a shaded place or submerge your body in the sea water, it is much better than drink water.
The cleansing process continues also during the liquidarian and breatharian stage so it is really a very good idea to do the bulk of the work in the fruitarian stage. During and after the liquidarian stage the body is preparing for breatharian, it shrinks itself, it goes in “change mode”. So, continue with fruits (he continue to suggest no bananas, avocados and dried fruits) fresh juicy fruits and do all the big job. Addiction to dressing and condiments is ‘highly addictive’; in some degree also fruit is addictive, it is not the food for man! Fruits are living beings too. Remember your mind will fool you all the time; it is part of the journey…

I want to finish this little diary of this amazing and edifying July Retreat in UK with an excerpt from the Jericho Sunfire’s “Complete Guide to Going Breatharian – the 15 year step by step program”:
“Be ready and willing to successfully face the biggest challenges of your life…predictable or unpredictable, seen or unseen, self-made or external, short trem or long term, and surmountable or insurmountable…ON A DAILY BASIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, and be willing to get up and try again should you fail, with equal or greater effort as dictated by your intuition. In short, be a Warrior. Be a Human Being. BE THE GOD OR GODESS THAT YOU TRULY ARE!”

“ Get out of cooked food as soon as possible…why ?
Because your whole life depend on it! ” :wink:
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da dodo
Ciao Ursamajor,
che bella esperienza che hai fatto, ti invidio....da quello che sono riuscito a capire, utilizzando traduttore google, che quello che abbiamo iniziato con Ehret (grazie... per sempre a Luciano) e solo la punta di un haisberg, abbiamo ancora molta strada da fare, immagino che una volta completata la pulizia profonda come intesa da Genesi, inizierà quella spirituale, direi che e molto interessante, fa un po paura quella di non bere più neache l'acqua, ma se per esperienza esiste, si vedrà in futuro, per il momento continuo con la mia transizione che è ormai a due anni, e da quello che ho letto conferma la mia ipotesi di transizione che deve durare almeno quattro anni, complimenti ancora...buon proseguo
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da ursamajor
Hi Dodo,
in this forum area you have to write your comment in english; may be you can help the translation with one of the so many translator you can find on the web.
If I have time I will translate also in italian; the problem is that when a person speaks in english it is more easy to write down the notes without a mental translation in italian..
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da davide32
compliments compliments beautiful experience, good!
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da davide32
i rimember :
The clyster arrives also in the transverse colon if 'done by following the procedures of Ehret's book;-)
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da ursamajor
Right Davide, I think so, ..I feel so, I experience it many times ! :)
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da bactabeven
Thanks a lot :D
I'm happy for you, I feel you very happyssimo :D :D :D

I quote this row:
"The scientist actually knows that with food the body is ‘shot down’. Where is this information? It is kept secret."
Is it a a think about right effects of the fast? What does Genesi think about fast?
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da ursamajor
Dear Baktabeven,
the fasting for Genesis and also for Ehret and all the truth seeker, is an important milestone in the path of cleaning and purification.
Regularly practice of fasting enable us to evolve more quickly. Genesis state that the body is not build to digest food, so fasting is not a negative things but a positive state (natural state) of every man. But you have to gradually get in that state through constant and continuous cleaning.

We, ehretists, know very well this point because Ehret is the umparalleled "master" of fasting and explain much better all the details and the right practice of fasting. Genesis practiced for his own without any advice...we are very lucky! :wink:
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da carmillina
So, if I got it right, the human being does not need food at all, so then, those young girls who die of anorexia, are dying just because of their own spiritual psychological illness, and not because they lack of physical nutrition, isn't it right?
Don't get me wrong, I myself think that this is the truth, because I have spent all my childhood fighting against my parents and forced nutrition; as far as I was concerned, I felt like I didn't need to eat at all, I was like a grasshopper all the time, I didn't even have my own chair around the dining table, they had to chase me all around the house to get me to eat something, and that's how I began to develope allergies, headaches and all sorts of "amazing" ,annoying little illnesses that have been with me for decades. And now..I discover that I was actually right just from the beginning!! GRRR!
Avatar utente
da ursamajor
Right Carmillina! It seems exactly my story!! :)
About those young girls who die of anorexia, as you rightly said, they are dying just because of their own spiritual psychological illness and physically speaking they are dying for they own toxic wastes and mucus they put in circle in they poor bodies.
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da jennifer
Ed io non ci capisco un cavolo :cry: ,peccato :D
da Dome
ursamajor ha scritto:Right Carmillina! It seems exactly my story!! :)
About those young girls who die of anorexia, as you rightly said, they are dying just because of their own spiritual psychological illness and physically speaking they are dying for they own toxic wastes and mucus they put in circle in they poor bodies.
Even my cousin experienced the total missing of appetite when she was young; the parents got her to eat at every cost... Very sad, many of us were on the right path since thei childhood... Patience, we just have to return to the origin... But my question is: how to avoid to lose weight by fasting for so long time? For me now would be too much, I'm just getting used with Ehret and 8/1/1 diet, but is not too long ago I started... Only 1 year and half of transition.... May be as the time goes on, I'll reduce tha food amount and so on... But don't you think that the most important thing of this path is the mind? I believe that we have primarly to change our mind set that believes that we MUST eat in order to survive...

Thank's for sharing :)
Avatar utente
da ursamajor
Absolutely, mind set is one of the main points, mind helps the body cleaninless and a body clean help the mind...they have to go hand in hand! ;) ..and a clear mind help the awaken of our true self, our infinite consciousness.
It is necessary for the body first to destruct itself (so lose weight that is water for the major part and poisons, toxic wastes..) then rebuilt itself. If we have weakened the body with so many years of not proper foods, now we have to pay the lose weight is a natural think in the first stage on the raw fruitarian path (Ehretism) and if we trust in the human being and in this path, the body knows everything much more than we hink possible.
Doing regular physical exercises on the open air, bathing daily in the sun helps in a way I cannot thought was possible!
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da ursamajor
Dear Jennifer,
try to copy the text and past it in the GOOGLE TRASLATOR ;) :D
da Dome
It is necessary for the body first to destruct itself (so lose weight that is water for the major part and poisons, toxic wastes..) then rebuilt itself. If we have weakened the body with so many years of not proper foods, now we have to pay the lose weight is a natural think in the first stage on the raw fruitarian path (Ehretism) and if we trust in the human being and in this path, the body knows everything much more than we hink possible.
Doing regular physical exercises on the open air, bathing daily in the sun helps in a way I cannot thought was possible![/quote]

Thamk's very much for tha answer; I believe in what you say, the only problem for me is lettin go the ego and leave the process to happen... By the way, I'm happy I have done this beautiful progress in switching to completely raw fruit and vegetables after 1 year and half... Good health to everybody...

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