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A forum in English language. Post here if you are not familiar with Italian language.

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Readme First!!

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As this forum is getting bigger and bigger we could really follow on all conversations in several language. That's why we have to set some rules on the forum. This is a test, you may help to convert it in a reality.

1) DO A SEARCH, most of the questions have already been answered multiple times.(When the forum is new, you haven't this problem, of course).

2) Use a descriptive subject in your posts. (do you see the connection with number 1?)

3) If you are the originator of the topic, you can click on the 'modify' button on the first post in the topic. This will provide a form which allows you to edit the subject, and even the content... please modify what you need, and click 'Save'

4) Carefully choose the forum you are posting into (again there is a connection with number 1) New sections will be added when the forum will expands.

There will be other forums to posts in different languages. Pick your forum carefully. You can post in other forums, to ask if someone speaks your own language and to invite him/her to post on your language forum.

However, all posts must be related to Arnold Ehret works. Not so strictly anyway, you can suggest tips like herbs, vitamins, minerals, hidrocolon, etc. (the fruit is not the same of Ehret time, but talking about "how are so good other diets", the federal election or the latest NHL playoff game is a sure way to get your post deleted.

5) Give enough information of your problem if you want help.
If you can't spend the time to research and explain your problem and it's circumstances, why should others bother to spend the time to reply to it.

6) And be nice to others and others will be nice to you. No Way to flames or wars, or trolling.

7)For other diets or system questions you have to get help from other sources. We highly recommend that everybody keep the forum on the Mucusless Diet Healing System, Rational fasting and any Ehret material could be recovered.

8) You can speak about spiritual issues, but never related to any church or confession. No hate for people who eat o think differently. No comment on, or evaluation of beingness of other.

Try to use the translator of google toolbar if you want to read other language posts. For the moment I don't know how to internationalize better.

This guideline is a work in progress and will evolve, please check back once time to time.

And if you should find any error in my posts in your language, I apologize, but then help me to correct them.

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