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da Spira
I would like to thank Luciano for his efforts in spreading the teachings and research of one of the most important figures of the 20th century, Prof. Arnold Ehret. No other medical researcher or scientist in the past 2000 years has done more to illuminate the true cause of human illness than Prof. Ehret. He is well known for saving the lives of thousands of critically ill patients through his dietetic system which safely transitioned them away from mucus/pus forming foods to mucusless/mucus-free foods. More importantly, he rediscovered that the human body is an air-gas engine that is maintained solely through breathing and that the accumulation of uneliminated waste materials, i.e. pus/mucus/white dead blood, is what leads the chronically ill body to its painful demise. Vitality=Power-Obstruction is indeed the key that can help liberate us from our physiological imprisonment. Ehret’s work provides an eloquent solution to one of the most misunderstood paradoxes in history: the belief that our body needs to consume nutritious materials that will ultimately promote its death. Ehret’s findings suggest that our bodies do not need to intake substances that cause illness and that pus/mucus forming foods are the greatest proponents of human illness.

My name is Professor Spira. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and I am a jazz trombonist, professor of music, and Ph.D student in ethnomusicology at Ohio State University. I started practicing the Mucusless-Diet Healing system about seven and a half years ago. Since then I lost over 110 pounds and cured all of my ailments, including chronic migraine headaches, lower back pain, arthritis in my right hand [from football (really just from mucus)], arthritis in my right knee, chronic allergies and otolaryngological problems, including chronic cases of bronchitis. I was emancipated forever of the numerous pharmaceuticals that I had been taking since I was seven years old, as well as addictions to tobacco and alcohol. I also was able to do away with a C-PAP unit (machine that pumps oxygen into constipated sleeping noses) for my bad case of "Sleep Apnea." I definitely consider myself a Mucusless-Diet success story.

I found out about the diet from a jazz musician in Cincinnati who goes by the name Brother Air. Brother Air has been practicing the diet for about 30 years. In fact, Cincinnati is thriving with Ehretist, including Brother Kalepe and his family, who had practiced it since the early 90’s, and Brother Air’s family who had practiced since the 80’s. I am thankful to have had the good fortune of being around people who practice the diet on a high level, which enabled me to ask many questions and see first hand what the diet is all about. I was very impressed with Brother Air's stories of doing an all fruit diet for years at a time, but nothing was more impressive than witnessing him do an eight and half month juice fast! Seeing a man fast with such ease for that length of time shattered any doubt that I had about the human's potential to become fruitarians, and ultimately breathaireans. Despite the short amount of time I had spent transitioning I started a fast in January of 2005 and ended in July. I followed it gracefully with an all fruit diet then fruits and vegetables. Since this fast I have engaged in similar ones. [I have still not returned to eating everyday yet, and hope that I do not have to]. I did not try to fast for six months, it was just the logical conclusion of the rigorous physiological work that I had been doing. The interesting thing about my first couple of fasts were that they were done while I was earning my Bachelors and Masters degrees at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. My peers were amazed at my physiological changes and that I did not look emaciated. Others in our Ehretist community witnessed our fasting and were inspired themselves, including the violinist Loving Star who fasted for 35 days.

The key to all of our success is a proper transition with the use of enemas. The Ehretist in our camp all do lemon juice enemas everyday, sometimes two to three times. Despite Ehret’s somewhat passive language as it pertains to enemas, we have found it essential to bring out the full potential of the diet. For the first three months I did not do enemas and received some decent results, but I was still having troubling kicking meat. As soon as I started doing lemon juice enemas with transitionary menus, the old meat poisons were eliminated, as well as the heavy starch cravings [nothing feels better than fasting for about a week and then doing an enema that eliminates about three pounds of stringy fecal matter that smells like rotten eggs].

Cincinnati is also the home of the Breathairean Ensemble (, which is a vegetarian band consisting of mostly Ehretists. The band acts as a support system for its members while we practice the diet. Musically, the band is influenced by such artists as John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, and The Art Ensemble of Chicago. We perform pieces that are inspired by the Mucusless-Diet Healing System, many of which contain dialog about the diet and our philosophies. I intend on using the band as a vehicle for what we call “The Physiological Liberation.” My mission is to spread the good news to the world through vibrations of discipline and beauty.

I have numerous stories that may be of interest to others who believe in Ehret’s teachings and I would love to share them. At first I was a bit reluctant to write because I am not looking for any adversarial energy. I know that many of you may believe in the theories of Western Dietetic Theory, or are confused about what to believe, and I respect this full-heartedly. I do not believe in the protein theory, the vitamin theory, or other theories based on nutrition. I believe that the body does not absorb and assimilate elements found in food [the additive principle], but uses food for the sole purpose of eliminating pus and mucus from the body [unless it is mucus-forming food, then it is assimilated into the tissue system to later become disease]. I believe that the logical conclusions of the Mucusless-Diet Healing System are Fruitarianism and ultimately Breathaireanism. Consequently, the perfectly clean human body will sustain itself by air alone. My intention is to use the system to stop eating 'pus and mucus'.

Do not get me wrong. I would never tell somebody to stop eating, or recommend a long fast without experience. In fact, after my fast I had to give many lectures to frustrated practitioners on the importance of a proper transition before any extended fasting cures, and I am now very much focused on the transition diet. I stress a proper transition with enemas, and patience. The diet must be embraced as a lifestyle in order to achieve the superior health spoke of by Ehret. Only through long term practice can one hope to avoid disease and suffering.

Health is Wealth!

"The only way that someone can prove to me that I am not immortal is to quit eating mucus and expire."

-Professor Spira ... =708086507 (Visit my Facebook photos)
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da luciano
Hallo Professor Spira!
You are very very welcome!

And I'm happy too that you are the first inaugurating the english language section of the forum!

Thank you for sharing you personal journey in the life, all the readers will benefite of your words!

Thank you, Luciano.
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da Antishred
Good morning Professor Spira, and welcome to this beautiful and useful forum!

I am very happy that there are some people out there practicing Ehret's teachings with such firm belief, and I hope that one day everybody could benefit from this way of eating and living.

I will visit your website as soon as possible.

Thank you for posting your experience!

Best regards

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da Giacomo97x
You are welcome Professor Spira, I'm very happy you join us!
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da parider
Hello professor Spira, your experience is very interesting!

It seems that in America the Ehretism and similar style of life are much more diffused than in Italy.
The experience of Brother Air with an eight and half months juice fast is incredible, and even your fast of six months!

Thank you for sharing your experience with the people of this forum
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da mauropud
Welcome Prof. Spira! :D
It's a great pleasure to have you here: thank you very much for joining us! :D

I think I share most if not all your beliefs about the Ehret system: most of us in this forum have already woken up and don't believe in the "civilized diet" anymore. I am starting my fourth year on the transitional diet and I've made a lot of progress, but I now find harder to go over the last few hurdles! :-)

As a long-term Ehretist, I hope you don't mind answering our questions. My first is: how long did your transition period last before you started a 100% mucusless diet and what are you usually eating now?
Thanks :D
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da parider
As a long-term Ehretist, I hope you don't mind answering our questions. My first is: how long did your transition period last before you started a 100% mucusless diet and what are you usually eating now?
I am very interested too to know about your daily diet.
Moreover I would like to make to you another question, if you want to answer.

You have written you have started practicing the Mucusless-Diet Healing system about seven and a half years ago.
I would like to know if you assume any alimentary integrators, even possibly 100% natural integrators like the klamath alga for example, or if you assume only fruit and vegetables without any integration.

Thank you very much for your response :D
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da Spira
Thank you all for your warm greetings! I also appreciate your thoughtful inquiries.

Many of your questions are in regard to my daily practices. Before I post about my dietary habits I would like to talk about daily lemon enemas.

I can not say enough about the lemon enema! Some Cincinnati Ehretists started experimenting with lemon enemas about 15 years ago. Due to Ehret’s instructions to do enemas and drink lemon juice while fasting, they wondered what would happen if these two were combined. Would it help cleanse the bowels better? They noticed instantly how much more effective the lemon enema was compared to the regular water enema. It was then Brother Air who truly championed the practice. He saw and felt significant changes immediately, and has done lemon enemas exclusively ever since. Today he juices anywhere from 5 to 25 lemons in a citrus juicer combined with warm distilled water. I also started my lemon enema journey doing about 5 lemons with a citrus juicer. A little ways down the road I obtained a Jack LeLanne Jucier and started peeling the lemons and using that. This made the enemas much more potent. Then I started juicing the whole lemon and filtering out some of the grit. One day I decided to try it without straining it and found one of the most potent cleansing practices, what I call the Lemon Rhine Enema. Once I started doing the enemas like this the old citrus-juicer style was like doing water enemas. I attribute a great deal of my personal success with the system to the Lemon Rhine Enema. I know that I would not have been able to accomplish many of the things that I have without it. For those of you who may be interested in dabbling with the lemon enema I suggest a TRANSISITION. I did not get to the point where I could hold 25 lemons in for 20 minutes overnight. Start with a few lemons with warm water and work your way up to a comfortable number with warmer water. You want enough lemons so that you can feel it breaking down the mucus on the walls of your intestines, but not so potent that you cannot hold it in for any length of time.

Question: “What if I cannot hold my enemas very long? What should I do?

Holding in the lemons for a shorter amount of time is totally normal. Any uncomfortability that you feel is due to the lemon acid breaking down the pools of mucus lining your intestines. The longer you do them the more easily it will become to hold it in longer. I’ve found that the length of time you hold it in is not as important as the amount of times that you do it. I would much rather see someone do two three minute enemas with heavy lemon than one 30 minute water one. Think of your intestine as a pipe. When you cut a 30 year old kitchen pipe that has never been cleaned and study it you can see layers of caked on debris. The closer you get to the metal of the inside of the pipe the older and tougher the deposits are. To clean it you can submerse it into a solvent and then scrub out the loosened debris. Unfortunately our intestines are not metal, but composed of soft tissues. The Mucusless Diet and fasting gives your system a rest allowing the intestinal walls to secrete these layers of mucus/debris that have accumulated during your lifetime. The acid from the lemons assail the adhesive properties of the slime enabling it to either come out immediately or be flushed out later by another enema. When one layer is eliminated a whole new layer is now waiting to be loosened and eliminated. Every time that the mucus is exposed to the lemon acid its adhesive properties are diminished therefore making the amount of lemon enemas that you do more important then how long you hold it in [since holding it in for longer periods will come in time anyway]. Now you may understand why long fasts or long fruit/raw diets are ineffective to a filthy body. Eating fruit loosens the mucus, the vegetables act as a broom sweeping the garbage to the colonic dust bin and the enema empties the garbage. Fasting then becomes the result of a less obstructed body, Vitality=Power-Obstruction. What a wonderful system!


Squeeze me out
Heat me up
Then shoot me up and let me go to work.

If you could only see what I see,
YEARS of caked on
It’s my job to help clean it up.
I'll help loosen this mess
as much as I can.

Uh oh, that's enough, time to shoot back out!
That wasn't so bad,
And I may have just saved your life,
For I am the all important lemon enema

-Prof. Spira

Here is my step by step enema process:

1. Obtain lemons. (I buy boxes of lemons from a local wholesaler.)
2. Obtain distilled water.
3. Find out how much water/juice will be necessary by filling the bag and pouring the water back into a container for measurement.
4. Juice the lemons. (I started off doing three or four lemons juiced with a citrus juicer and eventually moved to juicing 8-10 whole lemons with the rhine. Once I started doing Lemon Rhine enemas it was over)
5. Combine the necessary amount of distilled water with the lemon juice.
6. Heat the combination on the stove. The water should not be scalding, but good and warm. The warmer the better!
7. Put the warmed water/juice in the enema bag.
8. Find a cozy place near the toilet to lie down. I use an old boy scout ground cloth, thick towel, and pillow on the ground in the hall outside of my small bathroom. I also use a pillowIf the bathroom is big enough you can do it in there. (In the college dormitories I did them in a public restroom that could lock from the inside. There are many fun stories that I can tell you about that later).
9. Use your choice of lubricant on the tip of the anal piece and your hind parts.
10. Allow a small amount of the water to shoot into the sink and then use the clamp to stop the water flow. (Brother Air does not use a clamp but just tilts the tube upward and uses gravity until he is ready) Opt. light incense, candles, etc.
10. Lay down on your right side and insert the anal piece. Laying on your right side allows gravity to help the water effectively enter the intestines.
11. Once the water is inside the intestines hold it in as long as you can. After a while you may shift to lying on your back, and eventually on your left side. You can also tilt your body upward to allow gravity to bring the water down as far as possible. Brother Air uses a yogic position where he stands on his head. I can’t stand on my head, but I usually am able to tilt my body up so that it is on an incline.
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da Spira
I would like to know if you assume any alimentary integrators, even possibly 100% natural integrators like the klamath alga for example, or if you assume only fruit and vegetables without any integration.
Thank you for your question. I do not advocate the use of supplements in any form. The use of 'integrators' are rooted in the vitamin theory which is built on the erroneous principles of metabolism. The body does not need anything to be a body, thus we do not need to supplement bodily elements. Vitality=Power-Obstruction is about the elimination of obstruction and Ehret’s transitionary diet is the most effective way to achieve this. If the body is an air-gas engine, as proposed by Ehret, then our focus need only be to eliminate obstruction. Consequently, I am a firm advocate for the use of daily lemon enemas.
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da Ramita
Hi Spira! it's very nice to read you here!!! welcome and thanks for all the interesting things you are sharing with us! actually it sounds very different for me to read them in english....I think it's very helpful!
what you said about transitioning in the right way and the right framework is really important to me...I should pay more attention to this aspect...I see the same issues of your friend happening to my mum...I have to go back and study about that again and again and understand our prof. ehret better... :D's a challenge...when I think I got it I see myself going backwards!!! :? but I don't give's part of it! it's learning!
thanks for joyning this wonderful forum!

elisa ramita
da jules
greetings back, prof spira. welcome to the forum. I've enjoyed reading your posts. you got me thinking. always good :) and also good to have the opportunity to benefit from your experience and ultimately understanding of Ehret's healing system. speaking of which, i have a question for you.
if one doesn't believe in the protein/vitamin theories as explained in your posts nutritional supplements lose relevance quickly but, what about the good bacteria that eventually get flushed out with the enemas? especially enemas as powerful as the ones you describe?
I am not questioning here the practice's effectiveness, still.. I can't help but think that enemas are mechanical means that encourage/help the elimination process on one hand, interfering at the same time somehow with the body's natural defences. do they not? shouldn't we restore beneficial gut bacteria (destroyed in the process) then, by taking probiotics supplements for example, kefir and so on, I wonder. but I kind of suspect what your answer is going to be. :)
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da Spira
Thank you for your kind words and your question Jules. The assumption of the existence of "good" bacteria and "good" fats, etc. are quite problematic. If there is "good" bacteria then there must be good snot. If there is good fat then there must be good fecal matter. Ehret explains that any material that leaves the body was meant to leave. No replacement necessary. My interest is with the origin of the theory. Why has medical “science” embraced and promulgated the theories of good and bad bacteria? I will not go into detail about this issue here, but you may find my post on white corpuscles interesting. Given our pathological condition, daily enemas are not optional for the true health seeker. In a recent article about Physical Immortality Luciano discussed Carrel's chicken cell experiment. Chicken cell tissues remained living while its waste was removed daily. 29 years into the experiment someone forgot to eliminate the excretions and the cells died. Vitality=Power-Obstruction is the key. . . to Immortality. As long as our tissue system is permeated with non-living waste materials, i.e. dead-white corpuscles, we have an obligation to remove the waste in a rational manner. Warm water and lemon juice in the colon everyday is a simple and rational way to aid the body in its effort to eliminate waste. Daily enemas are indeed rational hygiene. When it is time for you to stop doing enemas you will know because you will radiate cleanliness, the likes of which we have not seen. Long ago an illuminous immortal was asked to turn and view his devotees in the eyes. The immortal said, "I will not turn around or you shall be burned to death." When you become too radiant to view your peers face to face your enema days will be over. . . maybe.
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da LAj
Hi Spira,
I'm pleasured in reading your suggestion and enjoy of your experience.

Thank you.
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