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Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

An issue that has been receiving a great deal of attention recently is that of 'vitamin B12'. The following is a small excerpt from my soon to be released Ebook on the Mucusless Diet that explores the vitamin B-12 theory from its foundation. It may also be viewed on my new U.S. blog dedicated to the study of Arnold Ehret's teachings


Whenever we are provoked by the erroneous concepts that we have been programmed to respect since childhood, we must have courage in the unknown. Simple logic will always save the day. I know plenty of people who have suffered and died from disease that were pus and mucus eaters, but I do not know anybody who died eating only fruits and greenleaf vegetables (mucusless foods) since childhood. Since we already know what is at the end of the mucus path, it makes sense to explore the unknown. I find it essential to interrogate the historical origins of these erroneous medical and dietetic theories. Who created the protein myth and when? Who coined the term vitamin and why? What kind of diet did these elusive founding fathers of Western medical science have, and how did it affect the nature of their investigations? Consider the historical origin of the B-12 theory:

"B12 deficiency is the cause of several forms of anemia. The treatment for this disease was first devised by William Murphy who bled dogs to make them anemic and then fed them various substances to see what (if anything) would make them healthy again. He discovered that ingesting large amounts of liver seemed to cure the disease. George Minot and George Whipple then set about to chemically isolate the curative substance and ultimately were able to isolate vitamin B12 from the liver. For this, all three shared the 1934 Nobel Prize in Medicine (B12, Wikipedia, originally accessed 2005)."

Thus, through a sadistic experiment on a dog (not a human), Murphy reasoned that pus(rotting flesh) helped to save an anemic dog from certain death. Twisted and absurd! Unfortunately, far too many of the origin stories that form our dietetic and medical mythology derive from sordid scenarios such as this one.'

Question: So if vitamin B-12 does not exist, what do medical doctors measure in a B-12 blood test?

Short answer, they (doctors) can’t see the forest through the trees and don't know what they are looking at.

Long answer answer: a chemist might say cyanocobalamin. Merely the name invented for a particular chemical structure found in the body. Since the days of alchemy, humans have had a fascination with extracting, isolating, naming, and examining chemical components. This proved to be useful when extracting metals from ore, making pigment for paints and make-up, or concocting questionable medicinal potions that suppress symptoms of elimination. However, it must be understood that the foundation on which Western physiology and medical science is built is egregiously erroneous. Based upon their own omnivorous diets, early researchers assumed that humans needed to eat dead animal flesh, Given the historical context surrounding the eating habits of these early investigators, it is easy to see why the foundation of physiological inquiry is so flawed. They failed to consider the proposition that humans are a tropical, frugivorous species, and that the foundation of human illness is constipation/obstruction derived from unnatural food substances. This resulted in a problematic ‘additive’ paradigm to emerge whereby the intake of (wrong) foods for fuel became the emphasis. In the Mucusless Diet Healing System, Prof. Arnold Ehret explains that

"metabolism, or the ‘science of change of matter,’ is the most absurd and the most dangerous doctrine-teaching ever imposed on mankind. It is the father of the wrong cell theory and of that most erroneous albumen theory, which latter theory will kill and stamp out the entire civilized Western world if its following is not stopped (MDHS)."

The French medical term ‘anaemia’ derives from the Greek ‘anaimia’ which means "lack of blood" or “bloodless”. In 1822 a Scottish doctor wrote a report on the "History of a Case of Anemia,” which is the name eventually given to this condition of cellular constipation. Interestingly, the Scottish doctor theorized that the illness derived from digestion or absorption issues. It was only 40 years ago that American doctors proposed that the problem was associated with their problematic concept of nutrition. I do not deny the existence of particular kinds of chemical structures that may be observed in the body with sophisticated modern tools. The problem is that what these chemicals do and how they operate are misunderstood.

In medicine, flawed theories are built upon older flawed theories which result in total confusion. It is still believed by many that humans need to eat rotting carcasses to obtain some kind of nutrition. And if not enough is eaten it must be supplemented by chemical isolates (poisons), or with an increase of certain fruits/vegetables. This medieval thinking is still the foundation of Western dietetic thought. Yet, what cow drinks milk to produce milk? Or eats other cows to produce beef? What 600 lb. gorilla needs B-12 supplements or shots (unless unfortunate enough to be imprisoned by humans)? My proposition is that such reasoning of medical science is greatly flawed and it is necessary to dispense with many of these commonly held notions. A new physiological paradigm based upon Ehret's "New Physiology" must be explored and further realized. With this said, the SYMPTOMS associated with our modern concept of 'deficiency' are real, although the explanation is fallacious. Given that 'constipation' is the foundation of human illness, it must be understood that such experiences derive from a condition of cellular encumbrance. To remove this waste, and regenerate on the cellular level, may only be done using the Mucusless Diet Healing System.

Peace, Love, and Breath!

-Prof. Spira

Further Reading

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Consider the history of the B-12 theory for your self and see if the theory holds up.

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