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da Petr
Ciao amici :)

I am planning a trip to Italy and looking forward to some great fruit experiences.
I live on fruit and i am in love with fruit :)

Can somebody help me with a places of fruit interest in Italy, near Palestrina, Roma?

Is there any organic orchard i can visit or places with some wild fruits in season (i will be there in the second half of july)?

What about fruit markets in Palestrina, Roma and nearest area?

Grazie infinite,
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da ursamajor
Hi Petr,
I lived ten years in Rome from 1990 to 2000 and sometimes I and my friends, all devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, spent some weekend in the Plestrina area where lived another old common friend, Mr. Mazzullo (the italian 'voice' of Topo Gigio), devotee too. He have a nice property in this countriside and we spend our time in spiritual retreat, fasting or fruit eating in His big land. I remember there were also some caves in the rocks around (tufi romani) where we usually meditate. There was such silence inside that you ear only the beating of your heart...
Anyway I think you will have no problem to find fresh fruit in this beautiful roman country far enough from the crowded City.
At the moment I do not know any precise address to send you; but I was thinking has anybody ever had difficult time to find some fresh fruit in any italian country?

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