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Project of Will and Mira

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We are a 25 year old Italian couple who decided, in last years, to free itself from the many cultural, social and economic influences that enslave the human being so-called "civilized". We minimized consumption and waste (such as Freegan), bringing awareness on the actions and daily choices.

We try to follow as more as possible a hygienist and Ehretist lifestyle, that includes raw food and a fruitarian diet. We avoid drugs and stimulants, practice fasting, when the body requires it, and try to attend harmonious environment in nature where there is so much vital energy. We have trust and confidence in our intentions and our ability. We try to keep us aware about this.

We are travelling from 8 months in Italy working with solutions of exchange-working, making agricultural experience and learning a lot from the relationship with nature, with humans and other animals..


To detach itself permanently from the urban context and no longer depend from induced needs, including money. Be autonomous and self-sufficient from the outside world in the true meaning of the word, to supply water, food, useful objects, houses-refuges, and finally to live with our garden and self-production in a wild environment. Ecological impact must be minimum. We are looking for a plat place, surrounded by nature with a low population density in the area and in the region, perhaps near (below) a mountain (2000/3000 meters) with a glacier for the river to get water. Situated near the forest, far from any resources that may be of interest for Industries (gold, oil, coal mines etc.).

We’d prefer that there are already many fruit trees and a good land to cultivate in a sunny place protected from strong currents. In the site must not be used clandestine operations of aerosols (chemtrails). An alternative option would be to join a community that already exists, if we were good together. The ultimate goal isn’t needing money because the land will give us what is necessary for sustenance.

A simple and primitive way of life, free from all the sensory stimulations that are poisoning in the civilized reality, will lead to healthy body and spirit.

Our consciousness will be awaking fully in this important period that we are living.


We’ll move through the search for a suitable place for human frugivores, through exchange - work (WWOOF), or hospitality from friends, with trips on targeted places, to explore areas, cultural, environmental, etc. ..

We will work for short periods for any small sums of money needed to travel. Our ideal aim is not to buy a land, but to occupy it, because we do not have enough money to buy it.

We plan to visit the south of Spain in autumn-winter 2009 hosted by raw foodists communities and people who are interested in spirituality and permaculture.


We search not-political and not-religious people who want to participate actively in the project and we would like to create a group. People with a joyful and adventurous spirit. People who have realized the great deception in which we are (food, water, and air poisoning, propaganda of drugs and not-food unfit for human being, electro smog, power of banks, ogm food, HAARP , nuclear threat, etc. ..) and the dangers that exist remaining within the "system" and the urban contexts.

We do not want to enslave to the power, which fills us with illusions to buy our agreement with an unreal being.

If our intentions will appear ambitious to you, have the courage and will to believe in yourself and in your abilities. In this way you can make possible this trip of awakening of conscience. To develop a true and pure love is needed transformation. Old habits need to be abandoned for the new and this is painful. The imprevedibility of the unknown lead us toward what is familiar, because it give us apparent guarantees, so a strong choice must be made to mature towards a true independence.

The food of the project’s participants must be moving in the direction of the vegan raw food ( fruits, vegetables and seeds). The corpses and dead foods are harmful stimulants, like smoke or alcohol. You should not rely on any types of drugs.


We believe in equality of all being and among us there will be not anybody that will have more power to another member. If people decide to put in common the assets such as money, food, home, special skills or whatever, he/she should not expect anything in return because it would create a situation of debt. No one will be in debt to someone else. Cooperation between us is fundamental and it has nothing to do with debt, but is based on honesty, friendship, and mutual respect. Anybody have to hide their ideas or questions with the other members of the group.

Who is interested to join our journey and our project please contact us at this number: 3397734004 or send an email to this address:

Being on the road we will not always occasion to check the mail, and we could answer in late.

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