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This story is a perfect demonstration of what Spira said about the Question of Breatharianism and evolution.

I was privileged to attend a very singular and exciting workshop held by Jeriko Sunfire in Rome on 5th December in the "Rewild" Vegan Cultural Circle. A full day with a breatharian - sport coach former rugby player who talked about his extraordinary life experiences and personal path of evolution; but this can be adapted to each one of us. The public was composed of 40 - 50 or more people coming from all part of Italy most of them fruitarian, vegan or ehretist in transition toward a fruitarian life style.

Jeriko is a nice person, friendly and very sweet and sensitive, at least that's the impression I received. He began to talk about the great illusion of food in our society. The bread, the snacks, the soft drinks...most food today is fictional in the sense that is man-made, not existing in has ever lived without: these 'materials' have nothing to do with our bodies. Our body is not designed for that kind of 'waste materials'. If you ask at people in general why they eat them, they surely will answer "I don't know, because it tastes good". The industry knows very well that stuff, so they added constantly salt, sugar and many times milk to make the products more tasty and irresistible.

The addiction to this cooked-elaborated food is bigger than you can imagine. Paradoxically it is easier to escape the crak (drugs). We eat them not thinking that our bodies will make a great effort to digest them or at least try to do so. 90% or more of the energy will be used in that operation, instead of giving us energy! We ask too much from our bodies..
The addiction to food in general, in particular to cooked food, starts when we were in the womb of our mother; when she ate we ate, what she ate we ate.

Then with his keen sense of humor, Jerico has launched a povocation, a joke by a breatharian, as he says: what if this kind of food was created solely to lower our consciousness level? To have the control over the masses. This is the big lie of food.

We are divine beeings we do not need this kind of "artifact" lo live.
Another important truth that is difficult to find out, because nobody tells us, but the scientists now well, is that any object that enters our body (including food) is attacked by our antibodies (white blood cells). Every kind of food, even fruits, (but much less than other foods). So at the end the body is self sufficient, does not need anything to survive.

Fruit is the best food to live with. But you have to prepare for the bad times of the detox to get only fruit. Fruit is a bridge to expand your consciousness.

Jeriko has spent seven years of continuous health problems (detox) before becoming fruitarian 100%, nobody helped him, all criticism even from fruitarians, all so called friends gone... The weight loss was for a rugby player a major cause of despair, a big problem for his ego. Despite this, he went ahead guided by his intuition and will power to succeed. After that period he gradually evolved to a liquidarian; he lived for 6 years on orange juice only, and he said it was a great period. After that he spent some time on water only then nothing more than air for 2 and half year until now, always doing a lot of physical activity. At the end of this evolutionary path even leaving the water was a problem, but more a mental problem. All our attachment are mainly in the mind.
Two and half year without food and water, a great achievement! A natural path of evolution, cleaning the body and the mind one can fully develop the hidden potentiality of man.

In the last year Jerico felt often his connection with the Universe and he become a more sensitive person, he can feel the vibration of every man around him. He develop his intuition to a much deeper level.

A light lunch prepared by the "Rewild staf" with a fruitarian meal, all raw fruits. Delicious!

Followed many questions and answers to Jerico. For example:
- How old are you and what is your weight?
I'am 43 and I weight about 68 kg.
- Are you married? Your wife is fruitarian? Yes, my woman is liquidarian.
- What about your sexual life? Now I think that the sexual act is the most holy and I do it with full awarness of this holiness. I do not like to waste my energy..
- What inspired you to become breatharian?
One day when I was looking a huge box containing many watermelon I felt as they began to talk with me saying "why do you want to eat our babies"? Jerico start to feel this connection with the Universe, all living beings, the fruits also as living beings.
- What about your body resistence to cold temperature? Do you feel cold?
No, look at my shorts! I feel the change of season, of weather very well, but I don't suffer cold or heat.
- Do you sweat during your activity, physical exercises? No during physical exercise we have to stop when start to sweat, because is not natural our sport, also the sport is a man invention. You can stop, then when you calm yourself you can resume physical activity, like animals do in natural environment.
- Do you use the toilet? Sometimes I use it to pee, it depends. With cold temperature I use it more often, in hot season I do not use it. I do not poo.
- How can your mouth do not dry out without water? I do not need water any more because I drink my saliva that constantly reform itself. My body knows my needs.
- How is possible to build muscles with only fruit?
All we need is in fruit. In the first period the process of detox destroys the entire body structure and then rebuild it with new materials. We are hypnotized by artificial muscles of body builders, but in reality it's all water retention and inflammation due to widespread waste substances (steroids, animal proteins,..). To mantain this apparence they have to drink about 4 gallons of water a day!
- How many breatharian exist in the world, how many do you know?
I don't really know! But there are a lot more than you think, but they are hidden and do not like to show off. I know only that in my position now is very delicate and dangerous, but I feel I have to share my experience to help others to awaken their consciousness; the Universe tell me that.

At the end of this beautiful workshop Jeriko has shown a mini exercise program developed by him for a period of about 5 minutes to do daily to keep in shape the body muscles. It consist in flexion of the trunk with knees on the ground, twisting of the torso in sitting position and the squat, an exercise for the muscles of the thighs. All exercises be done quickly and to the limit of our ability, of course without sweating.

A very enlightening experience for my consciences, an invaluable aid to a deeper understanding of ourself and to put more effort in our path of purification and regeneration.
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da mauropud
Good stuff, ursa! :D

Just a question: why all those bottles of wine behind you two in the picture? :D
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da ursamajor
Hi Mauro!
the bottles? I think because this place is a Pub, a "Veganian Pub" in wich this cultural association have its meeting...
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da rolen
Thanks, thank you so much! both of you, Jericho and Ursa
I perceive Jericho's energy from here, even I was not at the workshop,but the next I'll never miss
I think that in our time is very important a living example.

p.s. sorry for my english...

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