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Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

I hope that all of you are doing well and finding a renewed sense of peace and vitality practicing Arnold Ehret's teachings. I wanted to quickly announce the creation of my new U.S. website dedicated to the study of Arnold Ehret's teachings: When I met Luciano several years ago in the former U.S. Ehret club, we both desired to make Ehret's teachings known to people around the world. Since then, I had wanted to develop a U.S. site dedicated Ehret's works, but did not have the proper resources or time. I began to dedicate most of my energy into practicing the Mucusless Diet on the highest level that I could achieve. Consequently, I spent large blocks of time fasting and getting away from the internet as much as possible. But now, it is time for more of my friends in the States to become aware of what so many of you already know, i.e. the truth of Ehret's teachings.

I would like to thank Luciano for fostering such a great community of Ehretists. It is an inspiration to me as I put together my humble site. I hope that we can develop a strong pipeline between our communities to share knowledge, love, and support. In a world where mucus and pus eating runs rampant, and clueless medical doctors are unquestionably respected like clergymen, Ehretists around the globe must unite!

Peace, Love, and Breath!

-Prof. Spira
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da poveraccio
Hi Spira,
I'm glad to see Ehret's teachings spreading worldwide. Luciano's undoubtedly doing a great job here; so many people are grateful to him.
I'm sure you'll do a great job too thus giving a contribution to the growth both physical and spiritual of humanity.
Good luck. :wink:
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da ursamajor
Dear greetings Spira! :wink:

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